Group Discussion - Catholic.Social

What Is Catholic.Social?

Catholic.Social is an online platform that exists to initiate and/or supplement discussions among Catholic groups.

Who is it For?

  • Bible Study Groups
  • Men’s/Women’s Groups
  • Discipleship Groups
  • Parish Youth Groups
  • Parish/Diocesan Communities
  • Leadership/Volunteer Teams
  • Parent Groups
  • Church Movements
  • Etc.

What Can You Do With Catholic.Social?

Online Studies

Embed videos, link to blogs and/podcasts, and discuss them online!

General Discussions

Members post questions, can follow topics, receive notifications, and more!

Automate Your Studies

Coming Soon!

What Can You Do With Catholic.Social?

There are really two main uses that we are seeing so far.  First, to provide a place for ongoing conversations which can supplement an already existing group or community.   It was never our intent to replace group meetings, but to enhance and supplement them.

Second, many groups appreciate the platform because it provides a flipped classroom approach.  In short, the content and some of the questions are provided online and can be done on your own time, which frees up your group time even greater depth of conversation.